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An exotic swimming pool

An exotic swimming pool

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This sublime swimming pool has a large submerged beach. She won the silver trophy in the family freeform pool category, tied with the Proco Iloe pool.


Product description:

Huge free-form swimming pool with a large submerged beach, characteristic of a sawn pebble design at the bottom of the pool.

  • Dimensions: 30m x 7m
  • Materials: gunite
  • Special technical characteristics: Depth 0.90 to 1.80m, filtration 33m3 / h
  • Coating: crystalroc sand walls, sawn pebble bottom
  • Beaches: semi submerged in naturalroc
  • Borders: stone
  • Options: diffapur, diffaclean, diffaclear
  • Heater

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