Spathiphyllum: the Moon Flower

Spathiphyllum: the Moon Flower

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You have a spathiphyllum and want to enjoy this wonderful houseplant for a long time.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Hybrid Spathiphyllum
Family : Araceae
Type : Houseplant

: 0.5 to 1 m indoors
Exposure : Bright
Ground : Soil

: Persistent -Flowering : May to October

Here are our tips for caring for, planting and repotting, watering and fertilizing, and where to set it up.

Plant or repot a spathiphyllum

In our climates, this plant settles indoors of our houses and apartments.

The Moon Flower grows well when the temperature is around 20-22 °.

  • Install it in a good-sized pot and plant it in special potting soil for house plants or flowering plants.
  • Although it is necessary to repot in spring every 2 to 3 years, apart from that, prefer a surfacing regular which will perfectly meet the needs of the plant in support of culture.

Finally, ideally place the pot on a bed of clay balls or small pebbles that you keep constantly moist.
The evaporation of this water allows the foliage to regain itshumidity of its natural environment.

Exhibition of the spathiphyllum, moon flower

The location and exposure of the spathiphyllum is important because the right location will give it every chance to flower well throughout the seasons.

In spring and summer:

This plant dreads direct sunlight but needs excellent light.

  • So install it near a window, absolutely avoiding it to be inundated by the rays of the sun.
  • It should also be kept away from the heating because it makes the air dry and the Moon flower, on the contrary, needs humidity.

At the end of all risk of frost, usually starting in May, you can even take the plant out and give it a bowl of summer air.
But be careful, once again avoid it being in direct sunlight….

In autumn and winter:

The plant will do well in a slightly cooler place, where temperatures are more around 16-17 °.
If this is not possible, install it on the edge of a north-facing window and away from any heat source.

Watering the spathiphyllum, moon flower

Like most houseplants, watering is essential.

In spring and summer:

He must be regular but limited.

  • It is not no need to flood the plant for its roots might not appreciate.
  • So water generously but without excess and wait until the soil is dry on the surface between 2 waterings.
  • As the foliage needs some moisture, don't hesitate to spray regularly soft water on it.

Finally, every 2 to 3 weeks or so, give him someliquid fertilizer in order to stimulate flowering and ensure good plant growth.

From fall to winter:

It is necessary reduce watering progressively and stop any addition of fertilizer or organic matter.
The plant comes to rest and needs to be quieter.

It will be much better in a cooler room or by a window in the north from October to March.

To know about the spathiphyllum - moon flower

Of Colombian origin, this plant has won over many of us for its beautiful foliage and his generous flowering moon shaped.

Very similar toanthurium, spathiphyllum is also very easy to grow when the air and growing conditions are suitable.
It is a plant that can also live very long and provide flowering throughout the year in optimal conditions.

Sometimes subject to aphids or to mealybugs, it is in relatively dry ambient air that it is most prone to diseases and pests as'red spider.

Finally, if you want to share and offer this wonderful plant, multiply it by dividing the clump in spring, it's very simple, the result is often guaranteed and it's always a great pleasure!

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Smart tip about Spathiphyllum

Take care both of the pot you are going to put it in and of the plant itself because the decorative effect will only be more successful.

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