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Diascia: a flower to rediscover

Diascia: a flower to rediscover

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Dascias are very pretty flowers that bloom all summer and sometimes even beyond, continuing into the fall.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Diascia
Family : Scrophulariaceous
Type : Annual or perennial (D. fetcaniensis)

: 25 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sun or partial shade
Ground : Rather rich

Flowering : Summer

Maintenance, from planting to flowering, requires little care and the decorative effect is guaranteed!

Planting diascia

It is recommended to plant diascias in spring, after any risk of frost because it is not frost resistant. So wait until April or May, depending on the region, to plant dascia.

Whatever the planting medium, prefer a location sunny for a optimal flowering.

  • He likes very sunny situations
  • The diascia likes well-drained soil
  • Always keep the soil slightly moist, especially in pots.

Sowing diascia:

Sowing takes place in spring (March-April), under shelter if temperatures are still below around 15 °.

  • Sow in special seedling potting soil.
  • Lightly bury the seeds with potting soil.
  • Water regularly in fine rain to keep the substratum slightly humid.
  • When the plants have formed 2 or 3 leaves, thin out every 10-15 cm.

You can plant in the ground from May or transplant in your pots and planters.

Diascia cutting

Here is a plant that can be cut quite easily using the most popular cutting method.

The diascia cuttings are in spring or fall.

  • Take cuttings of around 10 cm, ideally from stems not bearing flowers.
  • Remove the bottom leaves to keep only the top pair of leaves.
  • Soak, optionally and if you have it, the base in cutting hormone.
  • Plant the cuttings in a special cutting soil.
  • Water regularly.
  • Shelter the fall cuttings from the cold at 10-15 ° before winter.

Maintenance of diascia

Remove the wilted flowers over time to encourage the appearance of new flowers.

During the hot weather, do not hesitate to water in the evening to prevent your dascias from drying out.

After the first frosts you can tear off the dascias which are not resistant to frost.

The hardy D. fetcaniensis will be left in the ground during the winter and cut down the following spring.

To know about the diascias

Originally fromSouth Africa, dascias are plants that are grown as annuals because they are not frost resistant.

Only the diascia fetcaniensis is hardy and can stay in the ground in winter.

They offer a very beautiful flowering throughout the summer and will give the best of themselves to the sunl and planted in a fertile land and well drained.

We like to see dascias in planters, tubs or pots, but also in beds where their density will quickly give very pretty flower balls.

Dascia lends itself perfectly to suspensions because its foliage and its flowers fall on the sides in cascade.

Species and varieties of diascias

They are numerous but some are more common and remarkable, especially for their superb flowering.

Let us quote among the diascias,

  • Blackthorn Apricot ’and Apricot Queen’ valued for their apricot-pink flowers
  • ‘Darla White’ with pretty white flowers
  • 'Genta Orange' gives beautiful orange flowers
  • Ruby Field ’and Pink Queen’ offer pink-toned flowers
  • Diascia vigilis, the largest of the diascas at almost 50 cm high, is tinged with a pretty light pink
  • Finally, diasca fetcaniensis is the hardiest of the diascas and, in addition to its beautiful pink flowering until fall, returns year after year.

Smart tip about diascia

Flower your garden, balcony or terrace with diascias for a colorful result!

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